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'IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our brother wiki, Worst Television Networks has not yet been created, as there are still bugs when requesting!!

Welcome to Terrific Television Networks Wiki!

This is all about the Best TV Networks ever!


  1. Networks are based off of popularity.
  2. Do not harass. Expect a ban if you do.

Forbidden Pages

  1. Subnetworks - Examples are Nicktoons, TeenNick and Nick Jr for Nickelodeon, CBBC for BBC, or Disney XD or Disney JR. for Disney Channel as they are basically the same.
  2. Currently Rerunning Channels - The TV Shows don't belong to them. No exceptions.
  3. Netflix - Even though it has originals, Netflix is a website/app, not a channel. Websites are for Fresh/Rotten Websites Wiki.

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